The Missing Link: Fire in the Steakhouse - Stephen Mathewson

The Missing Link: Fire in the Steakhouse

Ein Projekt mit Film, Fotografie, Malerei und Live Bands von Stephen Mathewson

 Ort: Grundsteingasse 15/ hofseitig

Fire symbolizes the kick-starter, the push, the moment of truth behind the jump towards culture with our pre-historic predecessors. Fire for one individual could be necessary, but fire for two is where social interaction and chemistry begin. The quest for fire and the constant need to control, harness and master it has brought us to this point of time in a Modern Stone Age.

The Missing Link (Steakhouse) will offer space for gatherings and the exchanging of ideas. We need fire and we need to work together, and applying this to the living and functional existence of visual artists, combinations and collaborations seems more crucial now than ever. Art, music, fire, all moments of order and transformation that we need to survive, to make it through the coming days, weeks and months.

Stephen Mathewson (BFA), born in 1962 in Evanston, Illinois, USA, lives and works in Vienna, Austria.

Ausstellende KünstlerInnen: Stephen Mathewson, Andrew Phelps, David Quigley, Maja Bacer, Christopher Steinweber, Piers Erbslöh

Modern Cave Painting Ausstellung 2012: Büro Josef Böhm, Christopher Steinweber, Katharina Karner, Markus Proschek

Programm „The Missing Link (at the Steakhouse)“

Sa, 12. Mai opening

Andrew Phelps – „from the series HABOOB. (a ferocious storm from the desert…), 2012“

Live: M185 w/record release

Modern Cave Painting Ausstellung 2012

So, 13. Mai

Lecture: Neolithic Spring

Records release: Cartwheels

Mi, 16. Mai

Projectionz – Invisible Film Festival

Do, 17. Mai

Live: Mrs. Pilgrimm (GB)

Fr, 18. Mai

Live: Mopedrock!! / Propella (A/A)

Sa, 19. Mai

Live: The Smith & Jones Forever (A)

So, 20. Mai

Projectionz – Film Koop Wien

Mi, 23. Mai

The Grilling of Christopher

Live: Brainmanagerz (A)

Do, 24. Mai

Live: Stimme der Praxis (A)

Fr, 25. Mai

Live: Warhol & Beuys Undetected (A)

Sa, 26. Mai


Live: RamboRamboRambo (A)