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fat distribution

WHERE: Alte Milchtrinkhalle | Kongresspark, 1160 Wien
WHENE: We, June 8th, 6.30 pm

FAT DISTRIBUTION – table talk with coffee & cake
by Julischka Stengele with ARGE Dicke Weiber (Malena & Christine), Kristina Kuličová, Maira Enesi Caixeta and Sara Ablinger

Fat people eat unhealthy. They are lazy, exorbitant and inefficient. Educated people care about their bodies. Which means: they buy organic, eat vegetarian and keep themselves in shape with sport. Right? When it comes to food prejudices and the wagging finger are never far. But health has got nothing to with that.
The speakers will discuss discriminating body images, fat negativity, capitalist values and alternative strategies on how to deal with it. Thematic sugar artworks will accompany the talk to serve our gusto. Additional cake donations for the collective meal are welcome.

Julischka Stengele is active as an artist, cultural producer and activist. Before her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, she was trained as a chef. Socialised in the white underclass in West Germany, she declares (her own) body fat a political issue.
ARGE Dicke Weiber – Malena & Christine represent ARGE Dicke Weiber, a community of fat women, existing since 2009, which fights for an appreciative togetherness of all people, positive self image, the beautiful multitude of bodies and a dignified and happy life in a fat body. We stand for a new body policy in which every body is a good body.
Kristina Kuličová is a fat activist, event producer and occasional performer. She was a member of the queer-feminist fat_positive riot collective FAT UP and co-organizes the Berlin festival FAT! Fett voll feiern.
Maira Enesi Caixeta (21), Afro-Latin artist studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. She works in the project Das Leben hat Gewicht (life has its weight) from maiz, a migrant organization based in Linz. Her poetry is centered around anti-racism, depression and body image within a Black context.
Sara Ablinger (30) aka queerfatfeminist is an art historian and activist, starting her* own business with breathwork and tantric bodywork. In multiple ways she* fights for self-love, sensuality and appreciation, especially in bodybased workshops for fat people.

pic: ©TeresaNovotny