aus klein wird groß_©Luise Kollars_Kopp II

aus klein wird groß

Tags: Daily

Where Altes Museum | Gomperzgasse 1–3
What installation
When June 2 – 17

Contributers Sabine Hogg-Kollars (AT), Luise Kollars (AT), Hermine Beck (AT), Chris Willmott (US),
school classes: 2cc of VBS Herbststraße 86 & 2b of VBS/NMS Koppstraße II

The art project “aus klein wird groß“ deals with development and growth in a multicultural context. Viennese school children and students work within a collaborative setting interlinking their personal experiences and points of view on “growth”. By exploring the topic from different perspectives school extends its boundaries and reaches out to the general public.
Students and teachers of the Vienna Bilingual School (VBS) Herbststraße 86 and VBS Koppstraße II as well as students of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna have come together to present animated films and acrylic collages produced in the classroom. Their artwork can be seen in Sandleitenhof, Ottakring.

©Luise Kollars