Edgard lliuya Schulprojekt

Bildung & Kunst in Kisten / Education & Art in Boxes

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where Altes Museum | Gomperzgasse 1-3
what exhibition
when 2 – 17 June
Opening: 4 June, 10 am with school classes
Further school visits are possible on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 10 am – 12 am and 5 pm – 7 pm. Reservation: contact@sohoinottakring.at

An exhibition about the participation of schools in the development of a city district.

Contributers Particpiating schools: OVS Grundsteingasse 56, class 4b (Teacher: Birgit Heris) and class 3a (Teacher: Daniela Plechinger) | VS Julius Meinl Gasse 1, class 3a (Teacher: Dorothea Martinz) | artists Maanila Maderos (video animation), Osvaldo Alvarez (acting, video documentation), Edgar Lliuya (music, performance)

Boxes – in Spanish: „BOXES“, a percussion-instrument from Peru – were built and painted on with stories of topics like nature, identity and role models. The boxes were used for play and performance. Starting points were the story: „ Aletter for the tiger“ by Edgar Lliuya and the paintings „Tgeer“, „Horse Sketches for Alterlaa“ of the reknown painter Fritz Martinz.
Thus, the children discover a different kind of school, teachers, directors and parent associations supported the project for two years. Ther methods of the „studio for pressure reduction“ were used for this project. The aim of this studio is to support creativity without pressure. The project reacted to widespread xenophobia in politics and the population.
Creativity conveyed the pupils the feeling that that are precious and accepted.

© Edgar Lliuya