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Diplomat, Diplomat

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Where Matteottiplatz 7
What performative project
When 2 – 17 June
Thu – Sat, 5 pm – 8 pm : Office hours of the office for diplomatic matters
Sat, 2 June, 7.30 pm | Fri, 8 June and 15 June, 6.30 pm | Sat 9 June and 16. June: “Diplomatic Receptions“

Contributer Gerald Straub (AT)

The formal settings of diplomatic receptions (as theatrical, formal, political ritual) serve as a “performative tool” in order to initiate a series of greetings and welcome salutations. (incl. delegates, chauffeurs, diplomatic passports, speaches, opening ribbons, entry requirements, honorary consul titles to buy), special regulations (from new identities to secret meetings), protests, hospitality gifts and much more.
The ones who will be received/ visited are not only representatives from local institutions but mostly abstract notions such as “conflict”, “bureaucracy” or “vacancy”:vacancy welcomes/ visits public space
public space welcomes/ vivits indian snack bar
indian snack bar welcomes/ visits city administrationHow can “vacancy”, “conflict” or “public space” be represented, received, visited?
How can an “Indian snack bar” or a “library” be represented or received or visited?

A room for special maneuvers (office for diplomatic affairs) will be installed. There various workshops on different fields of diplomatic interest will be held (such as: “representation”, “Identification”, “Ritual and Status” or: “how to build a diplomat limousine”)

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