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Where Altes Kino | Liebknechtgasse 32 and on the road with the rolling galley
What Workshops and exchange
When June 2 – 17
starting on Wed, 6 June: Furniture workshops, repairing bicycles, radio show, delicacies
Fri, June 15, 5 pm: EINANDERbewegt Sandleiten – Best Of

Contributers Einander Team, UNOs, Taste of Home, SUhPER GUT, IntegRADsion, 50Hz, Schnipselqueen, Ariel Uziga, Chess Unlimited

Community – what on earth is that anyway? Do we still need it – and why? Attention: EINANDERbewegt occupies Sandleiten! Along with its rolling galley, prepared and packed with tons of ideas, we want to figure out these questions together.

Keep an eye out for this marvelous ride! It takes you on a journey into the urban jungle of Sandleiten every day. If this might be too adventurous for some of you, you can make yourself at home in our living room located in the cinema of SOHO in Ottakring 2018.

What is it that moves you? We are driven by our conviction of basic mutualities:
Music, a good cup’o coffee, “Wiener Schmäh”, our love to art interventions. Everyone can make art, and we know that. We also know that the way to one’s heart goes through one’s stomach.

Starting June 6th, you can learn how to build your own furniture – you won’t even need the IKEA manual. Wanna learn how to fix a bike? Or have you maybe always wanted to moderate a radio show? Keep an eye out and stop by, let’s make the festival SOHO in Ottakring 2018 an awesome one!

© Stefan Trimmel