Flags of Utopia – What if…?

Tags: Daily

where flagpoles in Sandleitenhof
what interventions
when June 2 – 17

Contribution Theresa Hattinger (AT)

Flags of Utopia wants to encourage ruthless reflection. It wants to motivate people to combine ideas in new ways, without fear of shaking taboos on deadlocked systems and it wants to show possibilities outside the “realizable”.
Flags consist of the same shapes and colours in many different constellations. What happens if you take these familiar forms and reassemble them in previously unknown variations?
A process that works both formally and in terms of content: Our states and social systems also have similar structures. How can we keep what is valuable and change what bothers us?

The Flags of Utopia will be hoisted during the festival in and around the Sandleitenhof. With each flag an utopian idea is being presented.

© Theresa Hattinger