I (We) Feel Seen_Nia&Ness_©Lena Rosa Händle

I (We) feel seen…

Tags: Daily

where Altes Museum, Gomperzgasse 1–3
what exhibition
when June 2 – 17
Wed, June 6, 7 pm  artist talk with Lena Rosa Händle and Georgia Holz

Contributor Lena Rosa Händle (DE)

In the current political situation, the cis-male comradeship is gaining (again) power, this installation tdeals with in/visibility, meeting and diversity, queer-feminist artists and movements in New York City.
Analog portrait-photographies are documents of invitations to dialogue-based meetings in the artist-in-residency apartment in New York. How are these meetings and connections expressed in photographs? Taking time, listening, seeing and dedicating oneself enables connecting, processes of learning, appreciation, and (temporary) community, observations,
feelings and comments of the protagonists trigger new gazes and levels.
Commercial patterns, symbols and words used as dominant material in public space, is transformed in the art work Triangles and Hands in a queer-feminst, political context to banner-like collages. Images and symbols of lesbian and queer-feminist visiblity and solidarity, refer to movements and the world‘s biggest, self-organized lesbian archive, Lesbian Herstory Archive, located in Brooklyn.

© Lena Rosa Händle