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Art on prescription – artists fill in prescriptions / Kunst auf Rezept

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where Show cases in front of the art pharmacy, Liebknechtg. 30 / Sandleitengasse
what exhibition
when June 2 – 17

Art association precarium – Laboratory for art (Elisabeth Schafzahl, Philipp Wegan)
Contributers: Elisabeth Schafzahl (AT), Philipp Wegan (AT)

Art on Prescription – artists fill in prescriptions – The title of the exhibition is a clever play on words, using, as it does, the German word ausstellen, meaning both to exhibit art and to fill in a prescription, usually the exclusive right of medical doctors. For this project, artists were asked to use a medical prescription format as an interface for their art. Art reflects these prescriptions and their effects. Art on prescription is an ongoing and open participatory project. So far over 170 artists have taken part in this project.

Art on Prescription is thus an ongoing project that, in keeping with the wishes of its initiators, “is to become established as a format that forges a link between the audience and the artists filing in/exhibiting the prescriptions which create a kind of cycle.” www.precarium.at

© precarium