Mangels Überfluss_©Nora Gutwenger

Mangels Überfluss

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Where Rosa-Luxemburg-Gasse 9
What   temporäres Café
When  5 pm – 9 pm

Lisa Puchner, Nora Gutwenger, Stephan Trimmel

“Mangels Überfluss” /the title of the project arises as a play on words, refering to both ‘Lacking Abundance’) is addressing the potential vacancies: during the festival a vacant space in the area of Sandleitenhof will be transformed into the public Café Mangel – using time and ressources of the neighbourhood as only investments. “Mangels Überfluss” thereby acts on the convention traditionally established in residential buildings of “asking the neighbours for e.g. eggs”, applying this ordinary, yet today uncommon practice as an artistic medium. By organizing donations in the neighbourhood, the empty space will gradually be filled with furniture, food and events. All belongings, in particular all ‘private’ belongings, introduced to Cafe Mangel are seen as meterial, undergoing a transformation from private to public and proceessed in the context of a common use. The specific form of Mangels Überfluss will be established during the festival: depending on who and what is at stake and available at the respective moment, the space and programme of Café Mangel is as well suject to a restless shift of change.

June 2           vacancy is celebrated
June 3           First fundraising campaigns
June 6/7        Opening Café Mangel, Café operation and further fundraising campaigns
June 8           Opening Program Café with „Bring your Thing“-Actions
June 9/10       Program Café with „Bring your Thing“-Actions
June 13/14     Program Café with Bring your Thing“-Actions
June 15/16/17 Program Café with „Bring your Thing“-Actions
June 17          Leerstand wird gefeiert

Fotocredit: © Nora Gutwenger