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Where Altes Museum | Gomperzgasse 1–3
What growing exhibition and interventions
When June 2 – 17

Contributers Kompetenzzentrum Elektra – Students of the Art University Linz (AT)

Electricity is invisible and immaterial. At the same time it is omnipresent in modern life and working environments. Based on this trivial circumstance we strive to make circuits perceivable in search of collective dimensions of electricity networks. Common dichotomic patterns of collectives and society are extended in order to include aspects of movement, friction, resistance, voltage, isolation or connectivity. With the help of documentary, anecdotic, associative, and performative overforming we are sensing our electrified environment by tracing the power network, tracking lines, and rethinking circuits. This translational process/process of translation fabricates a fictional portrait of socio-spatial connectivity in the city and the neighborhood.

The Kompetenzzentrum Elektra is a group of students from the University of Art and Design Linz who work at the intersection between art and science. The members of the collective are available during the festival times at the former Electro-Pathologic Museum for questions and suggestions concerning electro-social utopias.

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