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Chamber of Marvels in the Sand Castle

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Where Rosa-Luxemburg-Gasse 9 and different places in the public space
What participatory collection- and game project with growing exhibition
When June 2-June 16

Original objects or replicas, representing (life-)stories of residents of the neighbourhood are arranged and exhibited in an over-dimensional tray. Thus, evolves a temporary world museum in Ottakring, inviting people who are unfamiliar with each other, to be astonished by foreign objects!

An important part of this project is the organized exchange of stories, which is supposed to happen in the chamber of marvels. Through accompanying interviews, stories related to the object, which are connected to the owner, are documented, summarized in an online-blog as well as in an object catalogue and passed on.

Accompanied by round tables, lectures, game development workshops and the exhibition design will contribute to understand the chamber of marvel as mirror of the people living in the neighbourhood and facilitate a conversation between these people, their cultural heritage, via an improvised collection and exhibition of objects from their own possession. By doing this, it will be possible to get to know each other and to counter the discomfort caused by estrangement.

The sand castle, where the temporary chamber if marvels will be located, is meant rather symbolically than concrete and is the result of a wordplay between Vienna’s Imperial Palace, the location of World Museum Vienna and Sandleitenhof, there is also a reference to the primary source of Sandleitenhof, the former sand pits.

As symbol, the sand castle describes a popular counterpart ottakringer to hofburg, an institution of high culture located on the historic and representative Viennese Ring. On the other hand, a castle made of sand highlights the temporary character of the projects, which ends with the festival… for now.

Contributers: Karsten Drohsel (DE), Annika Hollmichel (DE)

Via Social Media channels, photos of objects and stories can be submitted under the hashtag #wunderkammmerottakring

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