stffwchsl WERKSTATT_ Alfred Lenz_2

stffwchsl WERKSTATT #3

Where Altes Museum | Gomperzgasse 1-3 What artistic workshop When 5pm - 9pm stffwchsl WERKSTATT #3 - an artistic workshop wants to be visited and expend itself Interve [more]
G.Straub Diplomat.soho. copyrighted by Daniel Angelescu-1

Diplomat, Diplomat

Where Matteottiplatz 7 What performative project When 2 - 17 June Thu – Sat, 5 pm – 8 pm : Office hours of the office for diplomatic matters Sat, 2 [more]
Mangels Überfluss_©Nora Gutwenger

Mangels Überfluss

Tags: täglich Where Rosa-Luxemburg-Gasse 9 What   temporäres Café When  5 pm - 9 pm Lisa Puchner, Nora Gutwenger, Stephan Trimmel "Mangels Überfluss" /th [more]
Wunderkammer_©Christine Frick

Chamber of Marvels in the Sand Castle

Where Rosa-Luxemburg-Gasse 9 and different places in the public space What participatory collection- and game project with growing exhibition When June 2-Jun [more]
einander SAM_4515


Where Altes Kino | Liebknechtgasse 32 and on the road with the rolling galley What Workshops and exchange When June 2 - 17 starting on Wed, 6 June: Fu [more]

On the Margins : The City – Vienna in Private Films / Am Rand : Die Stadt

where Rosa-Luxemburg-Gasse 7 what collecting private films when June 2-17, 5 pm-9 pm In opening its Sandleiten branch, the Austrian Film Museum makes its way to the cit [more]
I (We) Feel Seen_Nia&Ness_©Lena Rosa Händle

I (We) feel seen…

where Altes Museum, Gomperzgasse 1–3 what exhibition when June 2 - 17 Wed, June 6, 7 pm  artist talk with Lena Rosa Händle and Georgia Holz Contributor L [more]
Gemeinwohl_©Magdalena Fritsch 2017_2

Act 2 – the Law of Common Goods / Akte 2 – Das Gesetz des Gemeinwohls

where Altes Museum | Gomperzgasse 1-3 what   exhibition when  June 2 -17 Sun, 10 June, 5 pm: guided tour with curators Wed, 13 June, 5 pm:  Art education prog [more]
System_-®EL SEROUI


Where Altes Museum | Gomperzgasse 1-3 What Installation on work, exploitation and resource destruction When June 2 - 17 Contributer Karim El Ser [more]
Blickfeld_©José Pozo_1

Field of Vision-Insights behind the scenery

Where Altes Museum | Gomperzgasse 1-3 What exhibition / installation Wann 2–17 June Uniform photographic portraits of asylum seekers with swim suits and b [more]
Kunstuni Linz_Kompetenzzentrumelektra

Strom << >> Arbeit am Konnektiv / (Counter)Current << >> Working on the Connective

Where Altes Museum | Gomperzgasse 1–3 What growing exhibition and interventions When June 2 - 17 Contributers Kompetenzzentrum Elektra - Students [more]
A community of - Autopsy

A Community Of Individuals – Media Art

where Altes Museum | Gomperzgasse 1–3 what exhibition when June 2 - 17 To what extent are the means of media art capable of producing a producti [more]
aus klein wird groß_©Luise Kollars_Kopp II

aus klein wird groß

Where Altes Museum | Gomperzgasse 1–3 What installation When June 2 - 17 Contributers Sabine Hogg-Kollars (AT), Luise Kollars (AT), Hermine Beck (AT [more]
Edgard lliuya Schulprojekt

Bildung & Kunst in Kisten / Education & Art in Boxes

where Altes Museum | Gomperzgasse 1-3 what exhibition when 2 – 17 June Opening: 4 June, 10 am with school classes Further school visits are possibl [more]

(Deutsch) Jenseites des Unbehagens. Kanistergeflüster

Sorry, this entry is only available in German. [more]
Nachtwache_hoch_13x18_©Christoph Strolz_Christian Raab

Nocturnal Vigil / Nachtwache

where Altes Kino | Liebknechtgasse 32 what participatory tv-project and sleepeasy when June 2 - 16, Mi–So ab 12 Uhr Wed – Sun, starting at 12 pm open for sleeping on we [more]

Flags of Utopia – What if…?

where flagpoles in Sandleitenhof what interventions when June 2 - 17 Contribution Theresa Hattinger (AT) Flags of Utopia wants to encourage ruthless [more]
Kunst auf Rezept_©precarium_1

Art on prescription – artists fill in prescriptions / Kunst auf Rezept

where Show cases in front of the art pharmacy, Liebknechtg. 30 / Sandleitengasse what exhibition when June 2 - 17 Art association precarium – Laboratory for art [more]
Achtung Ameisen_©Julia Bugram

Mind the Ants! / Achtung Ameisen!

where public space in Sandleitenhof what intervention when June 2 - 17 Creating ant trails Sat, 2 June, 5.30 pm - 6.30 pm | Thu, 7 June, 5.30 pm - 6.30 pm | Sat, 9 [more]