Opening Ceremony, June 2

F e s t i v a l  k i c k – o f f :
musical opening procession with the collective Couscous and World Culture Women’s Choir

SOHO 2014_Make the Snake_©Thaddäus Stockert
© Thaddäus Stockert, SOHO 2014

what festival kick off: musical procession
when 6.30 pm
meeting point: Alte Milchtrinkhalle at Kongreßpark, 6 pm

To overcome the discomfort that keeps us from simply approaching each other, coming together and exchanging ideas we use the festival’s opening night to encounter people in places and rituals of relaxatioin. The group Couscous invites to a musical procession, an audiosocial sculpture, in which structural-steel triangles and a metal detector will be used to examine the enviroment’s resonances and reactions. The unexpected will be experienced while walking through the courtyards and alleys ot the Sandleitenhof with the Stakehouse Horns and a multilingual choir, to finally arrive at the former electro-pathological museum, the venue of the festival opening.

The Couscous collective has successfully been plowing the interface of experimental rock, electronic improvisation, worldcore and visual projections for roughly 12 years. Turkish Saz, Baritone Saxophone and Clarinet are embedded in tin cans, steel springs, ranting percussion, stubborn bass guitar and a passive-aggressive guitar. Furthermore, additional audiovisiual projections of Ottakring, Istanbul and Madras everyday scenes make their music visually comprehensive as soundtrack. Past colaborations with Damo Suzuki, Thollem McDonas, Ulrike Hager, Warszawski Teatr Taríca, Martin Zeplichal, Sebastian Six, Martina Marsilio a.m.m.

World Culture Women’s Choir: A strong voice for diversity and peace

when approximately 7 pm
where Mateottiplatz

The world Culture Women’s Choir, evolved in an integration project, offers a diverse programme of songs from many corners of the world: women from Bosnia, Georgia, Nigeria, Austria, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Czech Republic, Chechenya and Turkey sing together polyphonic songs in their mother tongues.

Festival kick-off and musical bazaar by Couscous

when 7.30 pm
where Altes Museum

Introductory words by the city councillor for culture a.D. Franz Mrkvicka and the curatorial team of SOHO in Ottakring. Afterwards: musical bazaar by Couscous.

After 9 pm chill at the bar with DJ Arto F. Creek & Thomas von K, who play just the right sounds.
Bar at the Altes Kino, Liebknechtgasse 32

Couscous_©Klaus Pichler KLEIN              WeltkulturFrauenchor_1_©the mezzinoi

© Klaus Pichler                                                           © the mezzinoi