Festival 2014

www.geschichte-willkommen.at 01 (v.r.n.l. Katrin Sippel, Christiane Rainer, Kazuo Kandutsch. C Christiane Rainer. Bei Abdruck honorarfrei)

History welcome!

17. May 2014 19:00bis18. May 2014 22:00
21. May 2014
28. May 2014 17:00bis31. May 2014 22:00
History welcome! Pop-up exhibition in progress about history and stories Cinema, Liebknechtgasse 32/1st floor:Idea and concept: Kazuo Kandutsch, Christiane Rainer and Katrin [more]


21. May 2014
Craftistas& other Sisters Open workshop for women Nietzscheplatz (rain alternative: Museum, Gomperzgasse 1–3) Building objects out of recycling material for use in pu [more]

Mr. Pim’s Notebook (Das Notizbuch des Mr. Pim, 1930)

17. May 2014 17:00bis18. May 2014 22:00
21. May 2014 17:00bis25. May 2014 22:00
28. May 2014 17:00bis31. May 2014 22:00
Film screening Silent movie b/w, directed by Frank Ward Rossak, will be shown in a loop. As a propaganda campaign film of the Social Democrats for the National Council e [more]

Handcraft. Learn from the masters of their trade.

17. May 2014 17:00bis18. May 2014 22:00
21. May 2014 17:00bis25. May 2014 22:00
28. May 2014 17:00bis31. May 2014 22:00
Johanna Reiner, Johannes Hoffmann, Ida Divinzenz (featured by Eintagsmuseum) Who knows how to fix technical devices nowadays? Or how to build a piece of furniture out of wo [more]

ABRAZAR – to embrace

22. May 2014 17:00bis25. May 2014 22:00
28. May 2014 17:00bis31. May 2014 22:00
. Abrazar is a tetralogy of the Peruvian artist and special guest Emilio Santisteban in cooperation with the artist Hansel Sato. The tetralogy consists of ‘conocer’, ‘s [more]
© Archiv Klaus Schulz, aus: STEFFL-SWING, Klaus Schulz, Verlag Der Apfel, Wien, 2008

SCHLURFS in the dancing school “Black Panter”

17. May 2014 17:00bis18. May 2014 22:00
21. May 2014 17:00bis25. May 2014 22:00
28. May 2014 17:00bis31. May 2014 22:00
Dancing school in remembrance of a Viennese youth subculture Alfred Burzler und Barbara Irma Denk In a fictional dancing school that will be furnished in the style of th [more]


29. May 2014 14:00bis31. May 2014 19:00
Radio at the Public Bath – A Friend is Listening Radio in Sandleiten May 29 – 31, 2.00 – 7.00 p.m., Kongressbad (rain alternative: Tobacco shop, Sandleitenhof, Ma [more]
Bild oben: Projekt: Stadtradio MOBIL ein Projekt von Radio Orange- bei Abdruck honorarfrei

Cityradio MOBIL

31. May 2014
Stadtradio MOBIL tobacco shop, Sandleitenhof, Matteottiplatz 6 Idea: Barbara Huber and Bernhard Staudinger, assistant: Barbara Kovar Stadtradio MOBIL invites an interested [more]
nebenan extra


28. May 2014
venue: Cinema, Liebknechtgasse 32 Radovan Grahovac, Thomas Lindermayer for the show ‘Nebenan’ (OKTO-TV), VHS Ottakring, Film und Medien Zentrum Margareten Three capt [more]

Where I am

24. May 2014
Where I am meeting point Cinema, Liebknechtgasse 32 Residents explore their ‘city within a city’ in a photography workshop Peter Autengruber, Peter Bosch, Wolfgang Kram [more]


17. May 2014 17:00bis18. May 2014 20:00
21. May 2014 17:00bis25. May 2014 22:00
28. May 2014 17:00bis31. May 2014 22:00
Photo series and video by Karla Villavicencio about communal housing in Lima, Peru. During the 1970s in a time of economic and political crisis in the periphery of Lima, Pe [more]

The Artist as Ethnographer

20. May 2014
The artist as ethnographer? Cultural workers in Red Vienna Depot, Breitegasse 3, 1070 WienTalk with Emilio Santisteban, T. Melih Görgün, Isin Önol. Moderation: Hansel [more]

SINOPALE – Film and Discussion

18. May 2014
Sinopale- Film and Discussion Cinema, Liebknechtgasse 32/ground floor A biennial art festival in the Turkish city of Sinop at the Black Sea introduces itself On the program [more]

Dance Cafe Tina Matteotti

25. May 2014
Dance Cafe Tina Matteotti MatteottiplatzA mask performance with residents from Sandleitenhof under direction of Hannah Heckhausen and Walther Mathes, theater group ‘transfe [more]

Rhythms from near and far: Anatolia meets Vienna!

21. May 2014
Rhythms from near and far: Anatolia meets Vienna! Musical performance and workshop SOHO-Workshop, Rosa-Luxemburg-Gasse 9 Adula ibn Quadr, Mehmet Emir, Betül Bretschneider [more]
Projekt "Make the Snake Sandleiten"


24. May 2014
Make the Snake Meeting point Nietzschplatz A music parade with sound volume for young and old MusikarbeiterInnenkapelle and Subchor, curated by Irene Grabherr While play [more]

Stairway 8 / Door 7

28. May 2014
Reading by Uwe Mauch, drawings by Martina Montecuccoli Venue: Buschenschank, Rosa-Luxemburg-Gasse 9 'He is just one of 500.000s in Vienna. Since the day he was born he l [more]

Silent Lawn Disco

25. May 2014
Silent Lawn Disco Kongressbad, (rain alternative: May 28 Oliver Hangl, curated by Irene Grabherr Dance ´till the end of bathing time! Choose between 2 music channels: you [more]

Flüchtige Landschaften I

22. May 2014
Passing landscapes Museum, Gomperzgasse 1–3Lecture and exhibition in memoriam of the 18 Jewish residents expelled from their apartments in Sandleitenhof in the year 1938 af [more]

Sandcastles and Daydream

25. May 2014
Sandcastles and Daydream Museum, Gomperzgasse 1–3 Workshop fishpool – aquarium für kunst und soziales (Isabel Czerwenka-Wenkstetten, Christiane Spatt, Anne Suttner) an [more]
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