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Festival 2016

Hm, L u s c i o u s !

On Food and its Delicate Ties to the World

Festival SOHO in Ottakring, 4th – June 18th/ 2016

Opening hours
Saturday, June 4, 5:00 til 12.00 p.m. – Festival Opening
Sunday, June 5, 5:00 til 9.00 p.m.
Wednesday, 8 – Sunday, June 12, 5:00 til 9.00 p.m.
Wednesday, June 15 –Friday, June, 5:00 til 9.00 p.m.17
Saturday, June 18, 2016, 5:00 til 12.00 p.m.

The Festival takes place in and around the area of the ‘Sandleitenhof’ in Viennas 16th District, Ottakring.

The theme of the festival SOHO in Ottakring 2016 “Hm, Luscious! On Food and its Delicate Ties to the World“ will be a continuation of the thematic focus of SOHO in Ottakring 2015: “On Everyone´s Lips – 1000 Grams of Thoughts and Actions on the Food Network“

The detailed Festival programme 2016 you will find here soon.

Selected Projects Festival 2016:

Special Guests:
„Kahvehane Kongresspark“
Deniz Sözen (Vienna/London) in collaboration with Bharatnatyam1-Artist Shane Shambhu (London)



„Grenzenloser Genuss“
Markus Weber, Laura Herman, Florian Steininger and the Chef known as Frau Ziii.

sarmak, yok dolma_©grenzenloser Genuss
©Grenzenloser Genuss


„nachhaltig ORDNEN“
Artist Duo ‘honey & bunny’

nachhaltig Ordnen_stilleben_©honey&bunny


„Küchenskulptur“ g
Design Collective Designer-Gruppe ‘mostlikely’

Küchenskulptur_©mostlikely-Chloe Potter
©mostlikely-Chloe Potter


Lena Lapschina

©Lena Lapschina





Julischka Stengele

JStengele_Fettverteilung ©TeresaNovotny
©Teresa Novotny


Joonas Lahtinen, Luzie Stransky and Andreas Wiesbauer

©Florian Rainer


„mobiler Halal Würstelstand“
In collaboration with ‘Brunnenpassage’

©Halal Würstelstand
©Halal Würstelstand

Projects with kids :

„Hm, lecker!“
Author Sophie Reyer and musician Michael Fischer

hm, lecker_©fischer-reyer_1


Landscaping Collective „kampolerta“

kongrESSpark Ralley_@Renate Kurz
©Renate Kurz