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11th of June 2020 – Care und Coexisting



Care und Coexisting
Sophie Utikal

Sophie Utikal uses the material of her clothing, the negative of her body, to change situations in her life that have shaped her. In this way she wants to strengthen not only herself, but also other Women of Color who share experiences in the fight against oppression.





The work “Care” was created for the film “Die Sprache der Stimme” (engl. „The Language of the Voice“) by Franziska Kabisch and Laura Nitsch (2017) and shows what it means to lose your voice and still find strategies of empowerment.



“Coexistence” is a vision for the future with fictional beings who come to the already destroyed earth to fertilize it anew. The science fiction book series “Liliths Brood” by Ocativa Butler served as an inspiration.





Sophie Utikal, * 1987 in Tallahassee, USA,  studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna in the class of Ruby Sircar, Ashley Hans Scheirl and Gin Müller. She lives in Berlin and Vienna.




© Sophie Utikal

© Sophie Utikal

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