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Community garden Rosenacker

As a follow-up project to the community garden Nietzscheplatz, which was founded in 2015, a new community garden has now been established in the Sandleitenhof in the Steinmillergasse, high above one of the fountains called “Rosenacker”, since the spring of 2018 in cooperation with SOHO Ottakring und wohnpartner.

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Currently, 17 gardeners are growing fruit and vegetables. There are already 26 beds, many of them are self-made.

If you want to participate, you are welcome.

Contact and Info: ula.schneider@sohoinottakring.at

Gemeinschaftsgarten Rosenacker
Gemeinschaftsgarten Rosenacker
When: 21.05.2019, All Day
Where: GG Rosenacker Steinmüllergasse / Rosenackerstraße, 1160 Wien
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